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Our rifle range consist of 40 stations that are open to 100/200/300/500 yards facing target stands. Our pistol range has five bays that are 90′ wide by 150′ long with 10′ high walls. We offer two professional Trap & Skeet fields and a 5 – Stand field. Our pro shop offers new firearms, buying, selling, trading, pawn services, firearm transfers & rentals. We also offer a full compliment of gunsmithing services. We have an in-house grill that will be serving steaks, seafood, and sandwiches soon. Sign up now for our CCW classes & Group Discounts Available! Carry Classes are held every Saturday 9am-6pm.



                                         Sporting Clays Range Rules
All general range safety rules will be followed at all times.
Hearing and eye protection are required within 30 feet of an active shooting location.  Shotgun Sports Areas: Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, Skeet, Trap
1. No slug guns, pistols or rifles are allowed on any Shotgun Sports area.
  2. The only targets permitted are clays, except that paper and cardboard are allowed on the patterning board.
3. When shotguns are carried uncased they must be broken open or the muzzle must be pointed up with the action open.
4. Only target loads are permitted in shot sizes: 7, 7�, 8 & 9, except at the Patterning Board where hunting loads are allowed.
5. Only two shells may be loaded in a shotgun at a time, except on the trap field when the limit is one.
6. No hand-throwing of clays is allowed in the Sporting Clays, Skeet or Trap ranges.
7. The Skeet and Trap fields are open only if at least one person has been instructed in the safe operation of the Skeet/Trap houses. 

 8. We also offer concealed carry class nc for best practice of the coursework

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