How to conceive a boy – Factors that help conceive a boy

How to conceive a boy depends upon several factors including the timing of intercourse, dietary considerations, sexual positioning and others. Out of them the consideration of sexual positioning in sexual activities gains most of the attention because it is envisaged to be the effective method to enhance the possibility of conceiving a boy. The major part of the question of how to conceive a boy rests upon proper sexual positioning. To explain it rather scientifically, the male sperms have less strength than the female ovum which is why there is a fair chance for the male sperms to get destroyed by the female ovum after a sexual intercourse and also to stay for a shorter duration in the female genital section, until the male ejaculation goes very close to the female cervix. One feature of the male sperms is that they are faster than the ovum and hence increases a chance of conceiving a boy. This is how to conceive a boy.




The answer to how to conceive a boy also includes two specific style of sex, namely the cowgirl style and the Plough sex style. These positions have been scientifically explained and those who enquired as to how to conceive a boy came up with positive results. The first sex style necessitates the female to be on top of the male and enhances the chances for the male sperms to overlap or fuse with the female ovum properly as this position makes sure the infiltration of the male’s genital section. Another sexual positioning answer to those asking how to conceive a boy is the ploughsex style where the male stays on top of the female and her knees rest on the man’s shoulder ensuring a better access of the phallus to the vagina to reach close to the cervix.

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