How to be the best looking guy in town

At some point within our fitness journeys we all hit the inevitable, yet dreaded, fitness plateau.  That time when the scale seems stuck and our muscle growth stunted. For some we hit a plateau when we are no longer feeling motivated or challenged with our current workout routine. The question becomes; what do we do now?

Some of you may be asking; why do we have to experience such a plateau when we work so hard? Here’s the thing our bodies are so forgiving to us!  Just as our bodies adapt to the bad things such as a poor diet, smoking, mood altering chemicals, and sedentary lifestyles; our bodies also adapt to the healthy stuff. So eventually our bodies will adapt to the intense workouts that we are completing.

This could potentially be a very dangerous time for someone new or seasoned to the fitness world; as this could be a time where we “fall off the wagon”. Discouraged by the scale or little progress we are more apt to return to old eating habits or sedentary behaviors. But like Tony Horton says in P90X Plyometrics, “We stumble, we fall…. But we move!” The truth in this statement is resounding… we move, we don’t give up, we try something different!

That is the beautiful part of Beachbody products. Unlike going to the gym where we can only do so much when it comes to switching up our cardio and weight training routines; Beachbody offers us an amazing line of products from all ends of the fitness spectrum. In one of Beachbody trainer’s Chalene Johnson’s celebrity trainer tip videos, she talks about the importance of switching things up. We can change the order of our routines, we can replace one workout with another, we can decrease or increase our frequencies, intensity, or lengths or our workouts. And you can become the best looking guy in town.


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