Human Hair Extensions

When talking about human hair extensions that are attached to the natural own hair, Remy hair is the only one that helps to avoid adding extra weight to the natural hair. Heaviness of the human hair extension is what will generate hair loss in different degrees according to the tension that the hair extension will add to it. Other Facts to consider hair loss due to hair extensions weight are:

■Heavy glue used in the process.

■Hair Extension Technique itself.

■Thick glue: Thick glue will add tension to the natural hair. There are many different products to attach the hair extensions, some glue are light some of them are very dense. The most appropriate glue will be a medical adhesive with keratin as a part of the ingredients which also provides some protection to the hair. Hair Infusion™ Extensions exclusive offered at Rodolfo Valentin Salons only uses high grade of medical adhesive.

■Hair Extension Technique: Same as the glue, there are a lot of different hair extensions techniques. Most of them are using heat in the attachment process which already is a must out of the question to induce damage to the hair. If the attachment is metallic it is equal to mutilation. It is easy to understand that if weight is a main factor regarding safety then just the smallest piece of metal will add a huge weight to the natural hair! Others are using plastics, threads and alike. Any technique that is not the most natural possible means damage or hair loss, it is only question of time.
Full Head Hair Extensions Weight

Hair extensions charlotte NC are worldwide known for being the only natural hair extension that only uses keratin-based adhesive to link the infusions to the natural hair, which as noted by the medical world makes the hair infusion™ extensions the most safe hair extension in the world and the most appropriated for worries free about having a full head hair extensions weight.


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