Intelligence Quotient IQ Test Questions

The intelligence quotient or IQ test questions are a way of getting you to know if you are highly intelligent and how smart you are. It also enables you to know the kind of category you fall in, either the genius category or the average human category and here are websites for where to take an iq test.


Varieties of IQ test questions

The IQ test questions vary in different categories such as; mathematical IQ questions, complex questions, and puzzle questions. All other sections are regarded to as fun section. Although these categories also increase and determine a person’s IQ, psychologist made it known to us that playing games like chess, Sudoku, puzzle and all kinds of games of that category help increase and improve our IQ. This article is not going to elaborate much on the fun section and the ways to improve your IQ. Rather, it would talk about the IQ test questions that determine how vast and high your IQ is.

An IQ test question is not a simple question and it is never hard! It is a tricky question, in which you have to take time to rack your brain before answering. It is logical and tactical just like the chess game whereby a player has to minimize whatever is going on around them and think of the perfect step to take in the game. You will not want to take a foolish step in the chess game because every step taking counts likewise the IQ questions also, you will not want to pick anyhow answer without thinking deeply. I will briefly explain few IQ test questions in this article in order to shed more light to the above theory.

Mathematical IQ test questions

This section is one shell of a section, which includes tactical calculations, questions with a slim chance of answering, questions like; if 5+10=50, what is 5+11? This question is a tactical one in which you have to think before answering, you cannot add it up the normal way it was been taught in school.

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