J.R.’s Appliance Repairs Gas Dryer

Troubleshooting a gas dryer can be rather tricky. In fact it’s not uncommon for J.R.’s Appliance Repair to say, “I don’t work on gas dryers.” Usually when a technician says this, he is calculating the estimated profit on the repair, versus the potential liability. That’s why good experienced appliance service technicians, love to work on gas dryers. The fact is if you know what you’re doing, the risk is relatively low.


In fact most appliance manufacturers get all of their gas dryer burner parts, from one or two suppliers. Therefore a gas dryer coil set for a Frigidaire dryer, in most cases is the same as the gas dryer burner coils on a Maytag or Whirlpool dryer. When the timer or electronic control, and the control thermostat, or thermistor is satisfied, power is applied to the igniter through the primary coils, and it starts to glow red.

And since the ignitor is still red hot, because it hasn’t had time to cool down, once the gas starts flowing it will ignite. The heat from the gas burner will keep the bimetal in the flame switch flexed, keeping the contacts close, allowing current to flow through the secondary coil on the gas valve, allowing gas to continue to flow.



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