My Favorite Chiropractor Care Provider in Rockville Maryland

Chiropractic is non-surgical treatment to treat musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. Chiropractors will apply hands-on spinal manipulation surrounding the structure to restore its normal function.

Some studies have shown the effectiveness of chiropractic back adjustment in healing any pain and discomfort in the spinal area. Chiropractic is proven effective in treating mild-to-moderate lower back pain, lumbar herniated disc, upper back pain, and neck pain as well as other conditions related with the spine.

In Most Informative Chiropractic Care Provider, patients will be given two types of manual therapy. The first is manual spinal manipulation in which a patient is given a high-velocity short lever arm thrust. This thrust is given on the abnormal vertebrae in order to improve the motion range as well as improving the functionality and reducing the discomfort and pain. The second is mobilization in which a patient is given low velocity manipulation, movement and stretching to their joints and muscles in order to enhance the motion range of those areas.


Chiropractic Back Support

Chiropractic is the best back support of any disorders caused by misalignment of the spine. Both spinal manipulation and mobilization is used as part of the back support and the application is based on the unique condition of the patient’s spine condition.

Chiropractor back pain will arrange a back support plan which has several health benefits, including the rehabilitation for the injured spine, prevention of the recurrence of the back pain, prevention of chronicity of the pain and disorder, and improvement of the body’s overall health.

In the process of back support treatment, chiropractors will also apply some other treatments necessary in the healing process, including exercise, dietary change, lifestyle change, ergonomic modification, activity modification, and many more. This chiropractic plan will give the most benefits when patients are proactive about their condition, one of which is by having a regular visit to chiropractors to monitor any disorder or improvement in their spinal health.

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Best Martial Arts School

Martial Arts School offers modern day, real world self-defense. Our curriculum is based in Hapkido and we offer a belted system through the American Hapkido Federation. Classes are Monday and Wednesday from 6-7 P.M. & 7-8 P.M. at the  Fort Walton Beach Recreation Center. No previous martial arts experience is required. Thursday night classes are available for advanced students.

First Steps
We encourage interested parties to contact Lucas Jordan 850-420-0135 or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment to visit our class. This step allows you to view a class, watch how we instruct, and ask questions.

                                                    Lucas Jordan

2nd Dan Hapkido

​                                                        3rd Dan Combat Hapkido


What makes us different?

I practice a style of Hapkido that I have modified tremendously. While the core joint locks and throws of Hapkido are devastatingly effective, traditional teaching of the art has an over-reliance on wrist grab techniques that are unrealistic. Unfortunately, if you search for hapkido on Youtube or the internet you will find a lot of unrealistic choreographed moves, sloppy techniques, and high fancy kicks. I wanted to teach a practical, effective system that  could be used on the street.

So, what do I teach?

I teach a practical, street effective form of Hapkido that is always adapting and evolving. I teach a blend of Hapkido, Krav Maga, and street effective ground survival techniques.  Some of the things I teach are:

* Striking                                         *Take-downs and throws                   *Kicking (below the waist)     *joint-locks (standing and ground)

*defense against unarmed attacks both standing and the ground      * defense against armed attacks both standing and the ground ​

For latest information check out Facebook

 Martial Arts Academy

What we offer:

​* First Month Free

* An Elite training program

* Standing and ground techniques

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Hair extensions charlotte nc

Services offered

  • Hair extensions charlotte nc
  • Skin Care & Facials
  • Nails
  • Waxing
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Natural & Organic Products
  • Specializing in Bridal & Special Occasion Styling


The Salon and Spa Where Your Complete Look and Feeling of Well-Being Is Our Top Priority!

     If you are long overdue for some pampering, visit Salon & Spa. We specialize in hair, nails, waxing, and skin care. For those who really want to indulge, a relaxing full-body massage is a great way to relieve stress and rejuvenate muscles.

Our certified massage therapist will pamper you with a Swedish therapeutic massage in a relaxed and comfortable setting. As a team, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest state-of-the-art body and facial treatments to allow you to make the most of your beauty regimen while emphasizing health and well-being. Our mission is to exceed your expectations each time you visit us.

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Photo Booth Services

Welcome to About Time B’ham, your source for premium photo booth rentals in Naperville and the surrounding area. Our photo booths are the perfect addition to any party or special event, providing you and your guests with timeless images of fun and friendship that you can treasure forever.

We provide wedding photo booths, birthday photo booths, corporate event photo booths, and more, all with a fantastic selection of photo booth props and a wide range of printing options to accommodate every interest. Our photo booth packages include discounts for “green” printing, creating digital output for your photos on demand.

When you’re looking for photo booths for parties and special events all in one convenient place for one affordable price, look no further than About Time B’ham. Our selection of photo booth rentals will provide your next event with a distinctive and exciting entertainment option that your guests will remember forever. Contact About Time B’ham today and we’ll give you a comprehensive description of all the services and products we offer for photo booth rentals that will be the highlight of any special occasion.



Naperville Event Photo Booth | Photo Booth Rentals | Wedding photo booth Naperville


Why Choose Us

Family Owned and Operated




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Green Plumbers Cornelius NC

We at Green Plumbers Cornelius NC believe in eco-friendly green plumbing practices.

There are many ways plumbing can be more energy efficient than it was in days past, with new technologies such as high-efficiency toilets and water saving faucets.

Don’t just take it from people claiming to be experts, be forewarned of “green wash” companies that preach green services, but in practices are anything but.

We at Green Plumbers Cornelius NC will use the minimum amount of resources needed to properly and completely finish whatever plumbing jobs your home or place of business requires.


We recycle almost all construction debris as well as office paper and waste. We use eco-friendly office products ranging from toilet paper, trash bags, coffee cups, and other items.

We can help set up low flow flush valves, high efficient toilets, and water-less urinals. New innovations are always coming out to the market and we stay up to date with the state of the art green practices. Imagine how much water could be saved if entire communities of people started going the greener geo-friendly way in more than just plumbing.

Green Plumbers Cornelius NC has been doing plumbing jobs for over 20 years and can help your home or business come up with new ways to go green and help preserve the Earth’s limited natural resources.

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