Tips To Help You Choose The Best Paintball Gun

With so many types and designs on the market it may be hard to find the best paintball gun for you. Even if in most cases the price represents the decisive factor there still are other things that you must consider. As such purchase represents and investment you must definitely do your best to make it a long time one. In order to make thing easier for you, bellow you can find useful tips for a reliable purchase.

  • The right marker. Each type of player requires a certain paintball gun in order to be effective on the battlefield. There are three main types of players: beginners or occasional, consistent rec ball and tournament or league team.The first type of players must start with a marker that is not expensive and non-electric. The best part about them is the fact that they can be upgraded if you plan to invest more time in this sport. Consistent rec ball players must look for low to middle level electric paintball gun. Avoid looking for cheap types as you will have to either replace it or upgrade it.Professional players such as those that participate at tournaments or league team must choose the best paintball gun they can afford. It must have great features and best performance in order to be efficient. For an easier and faster movement look for markers that are light and accurate.
  • Position and playing style. Your playing style is extremely important when choosing such weapon. If you are an active player that likes to track down the opposite players than you must look for electronic triggers and loaders as they will provide a higher rate of fire. Static players on the other hand work better with high accurate guns.
  • Air source. There are two types of air sources that make the paintball gun operative: CO2 and HPA (High Pressure Air). CO2 is the most common choice. HPA on the other hand provides a greater number of shoots and is more consistent. When it comes to price, paintball guns that operate on CO2 are less expensive than the ones that operate on HPA.
  • Upgrades. Upgrades are meant to help you build up the paintball gun according to your style and needs. They are also useful for people with lower budget as they can constantly add certain pieces to their gun and make it more preferment. The most common upgrades available are: electronic trigger, barrel, electronic loader, butt stock and scope.
  • Repair parts. Sooner or later each paintball gun needs certain maintenance. This is why it is important to look for models that have repair parts available so you do not have to wait too much until you will have it fixed. Avoid purchasing guns that do not have a repair kit as you may end up with a broken weapon that cannot be fixed.
  • Read reviews. Before buying a paintball gun it is advisable to play with rented or borrowed ones. It is the best way to decide which style is best for you. Also remember to read reviews in order to see what others have to say about a certain weapon and to determine the pros and cons of purchasing it. You can check information about paintball mask


As it can be seen buying the best paintball gun is not an easy task. There are many types and designs so it is extremely easy to be mesmerized by them and forget why you decided to purchase such an item. Establishing your budget is vital so never start looking for such a weapon before accomplishing this important step. The features of the gun are also very important as they are designed for different types of players.

Remember that you do not have to be disappointed by a small budget as you can improve your paintball gun in time. Just make sure that you choose one that can support alterations. As paintball is a sport remember the number one rule: fair play.


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